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2013 JO Food Booth Summary 


by Tracy Vanoncini

Booth Suggestions:

1. Booth Layout was same as 2010.  

    More man-power and time is needed to set up booth before participants arrive.

    5 lines to sell all food.

    2 lines to sell jamba juice

    1 table for condiments.

2.  Cash Boxes:  Assign 1 person per Cash Box to stay with box.  

The cash boxes used locks did not work, and were left alone and open often during the day.  This should be changed!

3.  Food Lines:  

All lines were meant to sell all types of food.  There was confusion by consumers, as they waited in long lines, while other lines had no one in them.  

Suggestion:  Work with Signage to communicate all lines provide all food.  

4.  Food Sales:  

10am - 1pm Is the busy time!  After 1 there is little business.  

Schedule Food deliveries early in the day & often.  

* Note, don’t be like us!  We panicked at noon & ordered more.  Sales died out rapidly and we were stuck with food.  Be warned :)

5.  Volunteers:  

Key volunteers per shift:

1 Adult Supervisor

6 Adult Cashiers

Many Adult and Youth volunteers

*see volunteer sheet in binder

6.  Food Sales:  

Coffee should be set up early for parents watching 1320.  

10am - 1pm Is the busy time!  After 1 there is little business.  

Schedule Food deliveries early in the day & often.  

7.  Food Signs:  

Be sure to have signs visible from long lines for all food & drink offered.

8.  Take Down:  

Food booth is last one to be taken down in the day.  Ask for extra volunteer time for this task.  

Additional notes here

2012 Summary

See delivery schedule and summary for estimated financials on a detailed level, but all food that was delivered from the vendors was sold, except for 10 sandwiches and some cases of water, Gatorade and Minute Maid Juice (6 ea.).  See the food summary below.

Overall, the vendors were great and well versed in the routine so I would recommend keeping the vendors the same. They have supported us over the years and that loyalty deserves consideration.

Donations were good, but lower than previous years due to the economy. Safeway (Ron Rayo) was not able to donate anything and Whole Foods (Scott Yamasaki) donated water, but no energy bars this year. Last year, Safeway donated ice and water, and Whole Foods water and energy bars (240). Miramonte Starbucks did not donate anything for the second year so I would concentrate on Rancho Starbucks (Carrie Danforth), which donated 5 gallons of coffee and gave us 50% off on additional sales when a parent acted as a runner and got 10 additional gallons. De Martini Orchard (Greg Katz) donated 2 cases of oranges and 2 cases of bananas.

With respect to volunteers, this year was difficult even outside of JO for us (Oak). I received volunteer schedules from the various schools, but chose not to have a check-in table or hold people to particular times. Everyone was great and helped out as need be, especially in the initial setup. I leveraged the high school volunteers heavily and just rotated them, and others, based upon volume and need throughout the day. The high school volunteers were fantastic and I highly recommend using them to the greatest extent.

I would leave it to the Chair to decide how detailed you want to handle this. I chose not to hold individuals to times, but was more concerned about being sufficiently staffed during the day and having enough for setup. Everyone was fantastic and folks moved across functional lines to help out in all areas. It was really great.

--note from wrap up meeting - Adults need to be present at each shift

2012 Food Summary:

  • 1,340 Jamba Juice Smoothies @ $4 each=$5,360
  • 30 trays of Su Hong Chinese Chicken Salad (approx. 750 servings @ $4 each=$3,000
  • 565 Subway Sandwiches @ $3 each=$2,260
  • 155 Skip’s Pizzas (approx. 1,395 slices @ $2.50 each=$3,487
  • 1,872 Safeway beverages @ $1.00 (soft drinks juice) and $1.50 (Gatorade)=$1,872
  • 324 House of Bagels bagels @ $2 each=$648
  • Fruit/Baked Goods/Coffee accounted for approximately $1,500 but was not tracked in detail.

NOTE: the above numbers are approximations as high school volunteers were allowed to consume food and beverages for lunch and some of the beverages that could not be returned because cases had been broken were given to participants at the end of the event.

2013 Recommendation:

Initiate contact with Jamba Juice at the first of the year to ensure that they can invoice. They need about 4 months and we started having all the vendors invoicing us rather than payment upon delivery as much as possible.

Start asking for donations in mid-February. Please note that Whole Foods requires a 45 day notice for donation from date of donation for submission, that can be pulled from their website.

Contact each vendor in early March to set up preliminary orders. All the vendors are aware and had quantities from last year so the process is relatively painless.

Remember to have cash for tips to the vendors upon each final delivery: $20 per vendor and send thank you notes to each vendor.

Orders and donations:

Skips-keep the same delivery schedule as last year with the same quantity (if number of participants is the same. I increased by 10% from the year before to reflect this year’s increase) for cheese and pepperoni. What I would like to see is more of a smaller quantity of veggie and combination for adults. I think they would sell. It would cost more, but people would pay more than for just cheese and pepperoni.

Su Hong-keep the same delivery schedule, but order 2-3 more trays as we ran out, especially after the last delivery. Also, the dressing was soy and mustard from a pack. I would suggest a little better dressing. I think folks would pay more for it and would really drive sales.

Subway-keep the same delivery schedule, but order fewer veggie. The turkey and roast beef sold well and we could probably add an Italian or other meat selection in the place of the veggies we did not sell.

House of Bagels-add a couple dozen more. They sold well. Make sure you get the cream cheese from Smart and Final, along with the other items such as cups and covers for coffee, etc. Receipt from the vendor is included for reference.

Starbucks-focus on Rancho and forget Miramonte. Carrie Danforth was great at Rancho. I would suggest 10-15 gallons first thing as people were impatient about the availability of coffee. Tea didn’t sell well at all so don’t buy too much from Smart and Final.

Safeway-order twice as much ice in both deliveries. We ran short and it was not especially warm out. Try to get donated, but Safeway could not donate this year due to the economy. I returned 8 cases each of juice, Gatorade and water so order less of these and augment with more soda, especially root beer, orange and sprite. All the soda sold out.

Jamba Juice-Jamba Juice was a hot seller and I would suggest to partner with 3 stores to order early. There was a large line before each delivery. After we max’d out capacity at the El Monte and downtown store, we got Palo Alto to deliver an additional 240, but only 12 oz. We sold for the same amount and got some comments, but all sold. I could see selling 1,500 if the initial delivery is large enough.

Whole Foods-they donated 20 cases of water, but no energy bars this year. Make sure you fill out the donation form and submit at least 45 days to Scott Yamasaki.

DeMartini Orchard-contact a month before and talk to Greg Katz. He gave me 2 cases of oranges and 2 cases of bananas.

Smart n Final- order cream cheese, cups and tops for coffee, sugar, half and half, a case of plastic silverware and anything which would be needed. The most important thing outside of the cream cheese are the plates for pizza. I ran out and had to run over and raid the Oak multi. I would get 2,000. There is a JO food container in the district shed on the shelf which has supplies so look through that before buying at Smart and Final.

Baked Goods-ask each school to provide 24 dozen baked goods individually wrapped.

Food Setup:

I would recommend using the foot set-up layout contained in the binder. It consists of 14 or so tables in a U-shaped way facing outward with canopies over each. Tables were covered with plastic sheeting from Smart and Final, cut and taped to the tables. Locate the food area close to the entrance in the gate and allow enough room for volunteers and deliveries. There is a delivery schedule in the share folder in the food folder for 2012.

Note that Jamba Juice brought their own tent and that really attracted attention and other vendors did not seem to mind.

There is a sign folder with ample supplies of signs and binder-clips to attach. Avoid using the clear packaging tape as it rips the material. Do not hesitate to ask the vendors for any additional signage they might want to use for advertising.

There should be 8 cash boxes with cash supplied by the Treasurer the morning of the event. Adults should supervise or handle the cash. Peak hours are 10-1 or 1:30, but traffic is generally constant to some degree.

Use the volunteers as runners from food tables against the fence, to the food delivery tables facing the crowd. Use beverage buckets and locate evenly apart in the middle of the food area for easy access.

If anyone has any questions, please call me at 650-336-4651 or contact me at I can also be reached via the Oak School Directory as my son Tim will be at Oak next year and will compete as a 4th grader.

Booth Layout and Recommendations