Heat Sheets

2013 Files

2013 Heat Sheet files –google drive

2014 Heat Sheet files - here

2014 Job Description

  • Coordinate JO Event Selection database with LASD Director of Technology, Jackie Sigua tel. 650.947.1175.

  • Contact school JO Chairs with event selection / database information

  • Remind schools about event selection deadline.

  • After event selection deadline, send running event data to electronic timers (Jim Clark 2014) for heat sheet generation

  • Create & print heat sheets for all non running events from database.


  • Early March contact Jackie Sigua to ask her to initialize and update student data in the database.

  • e-mail JO committee and ask them to get you names of same-gender twins/siblings in the same grade.  Heats are alphabetical, and we don’t want siblings running against each other.

  • check in with Jim Clark (jim_clark@pacbell.net) -- introduce yourself, ask if he’d like any changes from last year.

  • When ready, Jackie will send you admin sign-on info + password, the link to the database  ( http://jo.losaltos.k12.ca.us/junior_olympics/Admin/ ), as well as each school's sign-on + password.

  • Email each school, separately, announcing that database is ready for event selections. Include instructions for sign-on, their password and event selection deadline. MAKE THE EVENT SELECTION DEADLINE A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY INTEND TO PRINT HEAT SHEETS!  THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LATE CHANGES.

  • When you first sign-on to admin in database, update any necessary information on the confirmation letters (especially date of JO).


  • JO Chairs will retrieve event selections from students and manually enter into database.
  • Connect with Jim Clark 2 weeks before event to find out when he needs the .CSV data files for running event heat sheets. Last year files were sent Monday the week of JO.

  • The week of JO, and once you have sent final reminder that no more changes can be made to the event selections, you will begin to print data sheets for electronic timers and heat sheets for rest of the events.

  • JO Chairs will print and distribute confirmation letters

  • Notify schools of non-running events when and where to pick up the printed heat sheets on event day (results room). 


Create .CSV files for Dash / Hurdles / Relays & send to timers

  • Enter database using admin sign on and then for DASH + HURDLES do the following...

  • Save As: webpage, complete - link to logo

  • In HTML file, manually move same gender siblings to different heats

  • manually move any special needs students as requested

  • Open saved document in Excel

  • Save As: .CSV format

  • Using prior year's relay lane assignments - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Xr_ImCE18ZfjVBdHRGYVpSYVMtUzB0ckg2QXYtZXRlbDg1MENhQ29IVE5UeEk2ZTc0TGs&authuser=1  rotate the lane assignments as such: lane assignment last year = lane assignment last year + 1. Lane 7 moves to to Lane 1.

  • Save As: present year blue-white-or red relays.CSV

  • Send all .CSV files to Jim Clark

  • He will send you final heats for approval


Create Heat Sheets for all other events

  • Enter database using admin sign on and then for all other events and for each grade/gender...

  • Print to PDF (taking care that data is on one sheet) and Save As: xgrade_xgender_xevent_heat_sheet see samples here

  • Print the following quantities (QTY) of each heat sheet (according to # of recorders at each event):

    • QTY 1:   Basketball Free Throw - 1 per school / grade / gender

    • QTY 2:  1320, Long Jump, Jump Rope, Chin Ups

    • QTY 3:  Softball Throw

  • Separate and clip together each recorder's heat sheet stack and organize by event (organize basketball by school).

  • Send a note to committee letting them know where/when you will have the heat sheets ready for pick up on event day (last year on table in front of 'computer room' by 7:30am).

  • Electronically timed event heat sheets are handled separately by timers.