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2013 Job Description (also below) 

Job Description

Updated 2013 – Santa Rita

Questions:  Lori Bogard,, 650-868-9408

The purpose of Hospitality is to provide food and beverage to the people that are on the track all day long with no opportunity for a break.  This includes PE Specialists, electronic timing team and a few people form Dash and Hurdles that are there all day.  It is not intended to cover volunteers that are on the field for a couple of hours like First Aid or Dash or Hurdles.   There are about 12-15 people that you will be serving.

You will be providing morning coffee and snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and water or other beverages throughout the day.   You will want to have water, etc. available until after the relays are done but everyone gets so busy during relays that you may not have a chance to pass anything out.  Good to have someone checking if it is really hot.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 tent
  • 1 table
  • 2 chairs
  • As long as First Aid booth has a garbage can, you can use theirs – otherwise you may want one
  • 1 ice chest
  • 2 cases of water (from food)
  • Ice (from food)
  • Cooler with wheels (can be smaller one) or wagon for food pickups and delivery

Note:  arrange with the food team early that you will need ice and water.  There was some confusion, particularly around ice in 2013.

We set up the tent between the First Aid booth and the 75 yard dash finish line.  Your tent will be there but do not set up until after Opening Ceremonies.  We also took this tent down before relays to help with visibility but it isn’t critical if it is a super  hot day.

You could consider moving the location of this tent to the other end of the field (closer to the field entrance.  The hospitality folks will do a lot of walking during the day and it may cut down on that a bit.  But there is probably an advantage to being close to the First Aid tent. 

Here is a proposed schedule of offering food:

  • 8:00-8:30  Coffee and water
  • 9:30-10   Bagels, fruit, jamba juice, water (maybe more coffee)
  • 11:00-11:30 lunch
  • 12:30-?  Cookies, snacks, etc

In 2013 we did not offer early morning coffee but the feedback was that it would be greatly appreciated.   You would need to do it early and might consider picking up your own small box of coffee from starbucks or peets.  Or arrange with food the best way to get some coffee to the field.    Before opening ceremonies, coffee and water is probably all you need to offer.  It will be a bit hard as you are also doing all the setup but worth it to find a volunteer to go do it.

Around 9:30-10 make a round to everyone to offer water, Jamba Juice and other light snacks (fruit, cereal bars, bagels).   In 2013 they told us the bagel break was awesome.  At that time you can also take their lunch order or you can go back and ask that later.  

Notes from previous years said to place the lunch order at about 10:30 and pick up by 11:30.  We skipped the place the order step.  In general, we just went and got what we needed and filled our wheeled cooler.   Make sure you make arrangements with the food coordinators in advance on how they want to handle it.  

For lunch we offered sandwiches (know in advance what flavors are available), chicken salad and pizza.  The pizza was probably cold by the time we got it out there but we offered it anyway.   

In the early afternoon, we grabbed a bunch of cookies and brownies from the bake sale and offered them.  We needed more than we thought and went back out a second time.  Chocolate was a big hit but bring a few non-chocolate too. 

In 2013 we actually found this to be a bigger job than we thought.  There were 4 of us on the committee so we just decided to cover it ourselves.   It is a long walk to and from the food stands and around the track regularly.   It is easy to always be on some sort of a food run and we probably didn’t get started as early as we should have for the first round of food.  Between wanting to watch our own kids in their events, etc.   You could consider having a couple school volunteers do this job or pair up with one of the committee to allow the others some free time.   And, if you school does not have a big committee you will almost certainly want to do that.