2013 File Downloads

.pptx editable Map

Track Records

JO Records


2013 Job Description



Update information in the JO Program including:

  •  Letter from the Chairs (if they want to update)
  • 1st place winners from the previous year
  • Any new JO records
  • Torch bearers/Flag bearers (names due third week in March)
  • PE Teachers
  • JO Committee Members and Rotating Responsibilities
  • Menu:  any new items, prices, new sponsors
  • New cover design if you wish

Print Programs and pass out at the event

  • Use Great Printing in Mountain View to order 1000+ programs.  Use a couple of high school volunteers to pass out programs at JO.


Last year we decided to go ahead and make some changes that had been considered for years.  It made sense to make all the changes at once so signs and the program could go through one major revision/printing and then hopefully be kept for years

 New Schedule of Events in order to:

Change hurdles order so 4th grade smaller hurdles didn’t have to be put on and off the track in between 5th and 6th.

Separate 75 yard dash and 60 yard hurdles to give kids a bit of rest between running events

Note, we kept the Blue Relay early in the schedule because the Electronic Timers said they needed that window to solidify who qualified for 75 yard dash and hurdles finals. 

New Map

Easier to read, minimized distracting background icons and made event locations easier to see.  Added key.

Increased size of map in the program; instead of taking one page of the program the map now spans two pages in the center.

Program Layout

Objectives:  Eliminate redundant information, make schedules more clear, highlight torch bearers


  • Combined all thank yous to one page
  • Specific thank yous removed from letter from the chairs
  • Online results link easier to find (bottom of each page)
  • District Committee page expanded to include names and district responsibilities and each school’s annual tasks
  • Volunteers page:  redundant, removed to make room for 2-page map
  • Relays/finals schedule removed as own page, worked into schedule grid page
  • Torch Bearers: expanded to include explanation of how chosen
  • New format and new order for schedule of events

Pass out Programs

We opted to pass out programs this year rather than selling them for $1. Programs sales weren’t raising much money and the profits didn’t seem necessary to run our event. Many times there were over 100 programs left over which seemed like such a waste.  Some schools were printing information and sending it home with the students the week before but then those maps and schedules weren’t making it to the event. By handing out programs we hope to have less confusion over locations and timing of events because most everyone will have a copy in their hands during JO. Free programs were a big hit in 2013, especially with the larger map inside.


January or earlier:  Determine how many programs to print and the cost to submit to the Treasurer.  Review criteria for torch bearer selection with district committee.  Gather names of district committee members and current year responsibilities.  Locate last year’s JO first place results from the school that managed the computer room (might be a file in yahoo group).  Double check list of new JO records to minimize chance for errors.  Update excel document with current JO records.  Consider if you are going to make changes to the program such as cover design etc.

February:  Remind committee to give names of torchbearers by mid March.  Add 1st place results from previous year to current program.  Update any new records in program.  Upload file of Schedule of Events and Map for chairs to include in school newsletters or JO packets.

March:  Remind committee of torchbearer deadline - third week in March (principal and 6th gr. teachers choose them).  Get Co-Chair letter for program from District Committee Chairs.  Need names of flag bearers (talk to school handling Opening Ceremonies).  Ask Food Chairs for exact menu and prices.  Confirm PE Specialists and Music Teachers.  Hand out, at March meeting, a current version of the program for each school to make any edits.   Upload the soft copy of the program to the Junior Olympics group for all to view and proofread.  Visit Great Printing to choose color for program cover.   Make plan for distribution of programs and let High School Volunteer Coordinator know how many volunteers you need.

April:  Bring final draft of program to early April committee meeting.  Give out some hard copies for people to proofread.    Create a version of the program omitting Torch Bearer names and distribute to JO Committee to be used for going out to families.  (some schools announce torch bearer names right before JO and want it to stay a surprise) Make final updates and take mockup to Great Printing before Spring Break.  Proofread sample copy from printer.  Printing turn around is about 1 week.  Group programs in rubber bands of 25.  Bring to event.  

Immediately after event:  Compare new results to previous JO records to determine if there are new ones.  Note that both field results and track results need to be considered.  Use track times from both qualifying heats and finals to determine if there are new records.   Ask electronic timing to generate a list of records to double check (Jim Clark-  Work closely with computer room team to verify your list of records.  Submit to Town Crier if needed (last year they asked for the list of new records right after JO). 



GREAT! Printing   Tel (650) 968-0138

2158 Old Middlefield Way (by Rengstorff), Mountain View, CA 94043

HOURS: The shop is open to walk-ins from 9am to 1pm M-F and by appointment only from 2-5 M-Th. Closed on Friday afternoon. Thank you for your business!

Leslie at “Great! Printing” was very helpful and fun to work with.  She has been doing our program for years so knows the drill.  I recommend continuing to use her.  We printed 1000 programs for $632.91.  We ran out of programs by 10:30am so we recommend printing more this year.  Last year she quoted us $900 for 1500 programs.   This cost reflects a cover color that was in the least expensive group.  You can choose a more vibrant color but it will cost a bit more. 

When you are ready to print e-mail her a Pdf of the program document with the final page as the map.  You can include the color map and she will simply print it in black/white.  Title the file “Final _____”


Leave a stack of programs at each school tent early in the morning.  Station high school volunteers at entrance to the event to pass out programs.


Electronic timing said we could put a QR code in the program that would link to the results.  We ran out of time to implement this change but you might want to add it this year. 

FILES on the 2013 CD:

1320 Map:  Created in 2013 and was used in final packet.

Field Event Records 2013:   These were submitted to Town Crier last April.  You can use them to update the JO Records Excel Spreadsheet and the Boys and Girls Records in the Program.

Final Map 2013:  PDF version of the new map for 2013.  Attached as final page when you send to the printer.

JO 2013 Program Final:  This is the PDF version of the program we sent to the printer. 

JO 2013 Program v18:  Our final draft of the program in a word document.  You can use this document as your starting point for the 2014 program.

JO Records:  Excel document that gets updated each year with the new records.  This should match the current Boys and Girls JO Records listed in the program.  Please update this spreadsheet with the new records from last year.

JO Schedule of Events:  New graphic version of the Schedule of Events.  Schools can choose to send this to their communities with the final packet.

Master Results 2012:  We used these results to update the 2013 program.

Programs Instructions 2013:  The electronic copy of these instructions from 2013.

Sched. Of Events for Program:  A word document of the new Schedule of Events (this matches what is in the current program).  Can be used by individual schools in packets or at school tents on day of JO.

Track Records 2013:  Compiled in April 2013, you can use these results to update Excel Spreadsheet and 2014 program.   Please double check for accuracy. 

Final Map 2013:  Power Point file.  You can use this version if you want to make changes to the map.

Any questions????

Wendy Sarathy

Kelly Toshach (Tech guru who created the new map and program layout)