2013 File Downloads


2013 Job Description

Chris Conroy  2013


Friday Set-UP

Track Security + Monitoring (Coordinating Volunteers)

Field Pass Coordination + Distribution   

• Responsible for securing the main track with fencing, blockades and hurdles. This needs to be done the day before Junior Olympics during Friday set-up.

• Coordinates Friday set-up at event location. Recent years, including 2013 JO event was located at Mountain View High School. Other locations have included Los Altos High School and Blach Intermediate School.

•  Finds volunteers to work the security stations:  field security, driveway security and field pass/security booth. Some volunteers come from the High School Volunteer pool.

•  During JO event, be available to manage track security. For example, fix any fencing issues, help find needed security volunteers, etc.

• Create spreadsheet for all volunteers who will need field access on event day. This spreadsheet will be at the field pass booth where volunteers can pick up their colored wrist-bands to identify that they are allowed access to the field.

• Collect names for who will need driveway access 

FRIDAY SET-UP – please see photos and map for set up specifics

1. Each school is responsible for setting up specific areas on Friday. Each school committee members should plan to help and also find a good number of volunteers from their schools. MVHS custodians are also needed to help (must obtain all hurdles from storage as well as drive cones to tennis court area)

Friday set-up includes

placing hurdles around track (in 2012 we used hurdles in front of a majority of the grass field area on the bleacher side and also rebar– it has been suggested to find enough hurdles to use in front of every grassy area, where in the past, rebar was used).

  • placing orange netting around hurdles and bars at base of bleachers
  • moving cones to Opening Ceremonies staging area
  • placing blockades at track entrances.
  • setting up blockades at softball area
  • suggestion for 2013 – move cones for jump rope and long jump to tennis court area (so this doesn’t need to be done morning of)
  • Hurdles carried by strong individuals to far ends of track
  •  Almond, Covington, Springer secure bleacher / Truman Ave entrance side of track
  • GB, Loyola and Oak secure opposite side of track (near baseball field)
  • Santa Rita sets up Opening Ceremonies staging area and softball throw event.

2. Equipment needed for set-up

≈1500 Zip-ties LARGE ONLY (purchase at OSH or Home Depot) to secure orange plastic fencing to hurdles, etc.

Cones for track runners

Orange Fencing – to be delivered on Friday by equipment team / district truck

Hurdles (different than the hurdles used for JO event) some will be delivered on Friday by equipment team / district truck borrowed from Egan, but majority are from MVHS. MVHS custodians will need to be asked to get ALL hurdles out on Friday. Recommend knowing number large hurdles needed for each area.

Yellow SecurityTape -  this is used at the opening ceremonies staging area as well as the band staging area.

Large Blockades –delivered by district truck on Friday. Used at Main track entrance (2), hurdle exit (2) (also 1320 entrance), 75 yard dash exit (2-3), and Softball throw event (3-5).

Small Barriers – delivered by district truck on Friday. Used at opening ceremony staging area, band staging area and any other area to help secure field.

EVENT DAY SECURITY / FIELD PASS DISTRIBUTION – see security volunteers spreadsheet and field pass spreadsheet

• security volunteers will be stationed around the track entrances and exits so that these area areas are secured and monitored. Only athletes in school t-shirts or authorized volunteers are allowed on the track.

• the driveway will also need security volunteers to allow authorized vehicles. Will need to create list of who has clearance for driveway access. You will ask the committee for names of any special needs families / truck deliveries and others who need easy access to the field.

• the Field Pass / Security booth will require ample (3+) volunteers in the morning but less as the day goes on.

 each school needs to let you know the names of any volunteers that will need access to the field and their shift time. These volunteers include people working at hurdles, 75 yard dash, first aid, etc.  This list is compiled a day or two before event since many volunteers are still being found up until event day – but it doesn’t hurt to mention to the committee to round up these volunteers as early as possible.

•  All committee members and PE specialists receive a lanyard (found in the security box in JO shed) which allows them all day access to the field. It is advised to hand these lanyards out at the last meeting to all committee members.

• Each security volunteer receives an orange vest (bin of vests in JO shed) before going to their post. There are also laminated maps and field pass reference sheets for security volunteers to use. It is advised to position well informed security volunteers at main track entrance as parents and students often ask them questions. People with difficult questions can always be referred to information booth.

• security volunteers check-in at the Field Pass / Security booth found on the grass field next to the fence around the track where they can pick up their vests and reference sheets. Please inform your volunteers to check in here.

• photographers will also be checking in at the Field pass / Security booth and will receive an orange vest.

• all other volunteers needing access to the field will come to the Field Pass / Security booth to pick up their wrist bands. Committee members who have volunteers needing field access are to instruct their volunteers to come to the Field Pass / Security booth to check in.

• different colored wrist bands correspond to different shift times. Please see spreadsheet.

• be sure to collect orange vests and lanyards after event.