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2013 Job Description / Notes (also below) 

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2013 Job Description / Notes

Julie Altinger – Covington / jaltinger@yahoo.com / 650-941-3995

There is a lot of information in the binder, but doing the signs for JO is fairly straight forward.

Attached is an inventory of the signs that are currently in the sign portfolio in the JO shed.  Some are in better shape than others, but all are usable with reinforced “holes” for hanging.  All signs are hung using zip ties.  We have a good supply of zip ties, but you will want to buy more so that you are certain you won’t run out.  The 8-inch ones work well, and are really inexpensive at Home Depot.  Have tape on hand as well, in case you want to hang one of the signs on a wall instead of a fence.



Contact each school and let them know what signs you have for them, and find out if they need any additional signs. 

Attempt to locate Long Jump/Jump Rope/Chin-Up signs.  These are missing.  Almond thought one of their “clean-up” parents might have them.  If unable to locate, the will need to be reproduced.  It is helpful to have a “Long Jump and Jump Rope This Way” sign, along with some right arrow signs to hang along the fence.  (These are also missing.)



Follow up with the school who is handling food sales, and determine what signs they need.  The food school has all food signs in their possession, but may need additional/replacement signs as food offerings/prices will change to some degree.  All food signs have been black & white on 8 ½ X 11 white cardstock (laminated).  They may wish to have a few bigger/brighter signs as opposed to a million small ones.  See what they think.

Get the “results” board labels from the JO shed, so you can get an idea what you will need to hang on the morning of JO.  It would be ideal if you got a couple of HS volunteers to do this for you, as it is very time consuming.  You will need to hang the 54 clipboards (One for each event/grade/gender), and there are colored plastic labels to go with each, which also need to be individually hung, along with 9 event signs.  We used one “section” of fence for each event.  See attached for mock-up.  (I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo!) The “results” clipboards are in the shed as well.



Make necessary signs.  I made signs in our school work room.  I asked for permission from the principal/office to use paper and laminate from their stock.  This was not a problem.  I was also able to use the school printer to print signs up to 11 X 17.  I printed all signs on white paper, mounted them on colored construction paper and laminated them.  I reinforced the area to be hole-punched with clear packing tape of scotch tape, and then punched holes near the top corners of each sign.  I made a total of about 50 signs.  25 of those were new schedule of events & map signs, so hopefully you won’t have that many.  15 were food signs, and those were simple as they were small and not matted.  Making the signs is easy, but can be time consuming if you have many to do, and are working by yourself.  If you haven’t used one of the big laminators before, just ask someone at your school to show you how.  The machine takes about 20 minutes to warm up, but is very easy to use.

Check supplies.  Make sure to have plenty of zip ties, duct tape, hole punchers, and scissors or clippers for taking signs down.



Arrive early.  Drop each school’s signs at their school tent.  (They will hang their school and event signs).  You will be responsible for hanging the rest of the signs (parking, entrance, restrooms, welcome, schedules, maps, etc.)  There do not seem to be any hard and fast rules as to where they all go…just use your best judgement.  Set up results area with the help of volunteers!

During the day, check to make sure signs are placed effectively, and relocate/reinforce as necessary.

At the end of the day, have a volunteer help to gather signs.  Make sure zip ties are picked up and disposed of!



Each piece and clipboard gets hung separately see diagram below, which means about 180 zip ties….so round up some help!